(3/3) There is no reason for us to continue using centralized/proprietary solutions. The alternatives are here, and they're easy to use too. In future posts, I will write up brief tutorials (and probably make some videos) on the solutions we have today that can liberate us from Big Tech.

(2/3) My solution has been to install YunoHost on a server hosted by Agorist Hosting. This has enabled me to easily host my own:
Mastodon instance: social.ynhserver.com/@adam
PeerTube instance: videos.ynhserver.com/videos/tr
Hubzilla hub: hub.ynhserver.com/channel/adam
Diaspora pod: pod.ynhserver.com/people/b8bff
...not to mention a myriad of other services which are for users on this system only.

(1/3) I'm moving full steam ahead on alt. social networking today. In an era where big tech is trying to control everything, we need alternatives we can control ourselves. I envision a future were everyone knows their server admin, and everyone reasonably comfortable with GNU/Linux feels empowered to become a server admin. We should not have to trust techies we've never met thousands of miles away.


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